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Call for papers

The 14th international conference on automotive NVH control technology will be held in May,2017,organized by NVH Committee of SAE-China and Automotive Engineering Research Institute of CATARC. During the preparation of the conference, academic papers and engineering cases are collected for the vast number of engineers and technicians. Submission papers and engineering cases selected by experts will be scheduled to be read out on the conference.

1. Scope of essay (including but not limited to)

Sound quality analysis and research

Vehicle and body NVH control

Design and development of intake and exhaust system

Vibration and noise test

Vibration and noise CAE analysis

Body damping

Automotive NVH and fatigue

Automotive NVH and safety

Vehicle NVH active control

Automotive abnormal sound control technology

2. Request for essay

The document of the conference submission is in the format of Word. Delivery submissions are made using E-mail.Naming rules for attachments (papers) in mail is “submission” + “author name” + “paper title”.

Contacts: Deyuan Wu

E-mail: aeri@catarc.ac.cn

Phone: +86 22-84379777-8020

Fax: 022-84379726

Essay of the contents of each part are complete. Please do not involve confidential content; Please ensure the authenticity and objectivity of the thesis.

3. Deadline for essay

Deadline for essay: January 31, 2017

Issue a paper change notice: February 28, 2017

Deadline for revising papers:March 30, 2017

Issue a notice of employment: April 30, 2017

Publication of thesis: May, 2017


NVH Committee of SAE-China