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The 16th International Conference on Automotive NVH Control Technology in 2019 Call for essay

To promote the scientific and technological exchanges in the field of automotive NVH at home and abroad, and promote the technological development and progress in the field of Chinese automotive NVH, The 16th International Conference on Automotive NVH Control Technology, sponsored by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., Society of Automotive Engineers of China, and hosted by Automotive Engineering Research Institute of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., Society of Automotive Engineers of China Vibration and Noise Branch, will be held in May 2019. 

During the preparatory period of the conference, academic papers and engineering cases were collected for a wide range of industry engineering and technical personnel. Submission of papers and engineering cases selected by the members of the chapter, will be arranged for publication at the conference. Excellent papers will be published in core journals, and other papers will be published in the journal. 

The scope of the essay (including but not limited )

1.    1.Sound quality analysis and research

2.    2.NVH control of the whole vehicle and body

3.    3.Design and development of intake and exhaust systems

4.    4.CAE analysis of vibration and noise

5.    5.Body damping treatment

6.    6.NVH and fatigue of vehicle

7.    7. NVH and safety of vehicle

8.    8.Active Control on NVH of vehicle

9.    9.Automotive abnormal sound control technology

10.  10.New Energy Vehicle NVH

11.  11.Automotive wind noise analysis and control technology

12.  12.Automotive road noise analysis and control technology

13.  13.Complete vehicle NVH acoustic package development


The essay requirements

1.The electronic document of the conference submission paper is sent in Word format, the manuscript is submitted by E-mail, and the naming rules of the attachment (submission paper) in the mail: submission + author name + paper title.

Submission mailbox: aeri@catarc.ac.cn

Contact: Wang Yuning

Contact number: 022-84379777-8145


2.In order to facilitate the publication of the essays, the manuscripts must be accompanied by Chinese and English abstracts, keywords, funding funds and main references. The manuscripts can be arranged with reference to the template, and the contents of each part should be complete. 

3.At the end of the manuscript, please attach the author's information sheet, indicating the author's name, title/position, employer, address (zip code), phone, mobile phone, E-mail, thesis title, subject (can be multiple), author profile ( limited to 200 words) and other content.


4.The paper should not involve confidential content; please ensure that the content of the paper is authentic and objective, and that the article is at your own responsibility.


5.Papers that have been published in domestic and foreign journals are not included.


6.Submission deadline:

The paper submission deadline: February 1, 2019.

Issue a notice of revision of the paper: February 18, 2019.

The submission deadline of revised draft of the paper: March 18, 2019.

Paper Publish: May 2019.

The reference format is attached


The author information table






Mobile phone


Paper topic


Academic biography (limited to 200 words)


Note: The author's information sheet separately stores a Word file, please do not put it under the main body of the paper. 

Attachment 1:Format Requirements

Attachment 2:Author Information Sheet