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NVH Conference

About conference

Fourteen sessions of international conference on automotive NVH control technology, hosted by Society of Automotive Engineers of China and China Automotive Technology & Research Center, organized by Society of Automotive Engineers of China NVH Committee and China Automotive Technology & Research Center Automotive Engineering Research Institute, have been successfully held from 2005 to 2017. During the conference, the annual working meeting of Society of Automotive Engineers of China NVH Committee was held.

International conference on automotive NVH control technology takes the form of conference presentations and discussion sessions. The conference invites well-known experts and professors in the field of automobile NVH at home and abroad to give a wonderful speech and discuss in groups, around topics about vehicle NVH control technology, powertrain NVH control technology and components NVH & abnormal sound control technology. Representatives participating in the conference can talk freely about automotive NVH technology in the venue.

Domestic and foreign automotive NVH industry experts were invited to share their latest technological achievements on the conference. It has played an important role in promoting the technological progress of our country independent brands. . After ten years of developments, NVH committee has gradually become to an indispensable force to promote the development and progress of automotive NVH technology. The influence of NVH committee is gradually expanding. It is recognized by the NVH employees in the automotive industry.

Previous review

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Conference presentation
Date: May10-11, 2018 Topic: Innovation, leading the Future of NVH Venue: Suzhou, Jiangsu



Conference presentation
Date: May18-19, 2017 Topic: Design determines quality Venue: Wuhu, Anhui



Conference presentation
Date: May19-20, 2016 Topic: Collaborative innovation, cooperation and sharing Venue: Tianjin, China



Conference presentation
Date: June4-5, 2015 Topic: Sharing achieves you and me Venue: Hefei, Anhui



Conference presentation
Date: June26-27, 2014 Topic: Quality determines the future Venue: Guangzhou, Guangdong



Conference presentation
Date: October25-26, 2013 Topic: Cooperate to succeed, quiet to future Venue: Chengdu, Sichuan



Conference presentation
Date: November1-2, 2012 Topic: NVH optimization and comfort Venue: Shanghai, China



Conference presentation
Date: October12, 2011 Topic: Automotive sound quality technology Venue: Hangzhou, Zhejiang



Conference presentation
Date: November10, 2010Topic: NVH optimization design of power and transmission system Venue: Tianjin, China



Conference presentation
Date: November10, 2009Topic: Focus on industry resources, promote the development of NVH Technology Venue: Chongqing, China



Conference presentation
Date: November13, 2008Topic: Vehicle interior noise control and comfort Venue: Shaoxing, Zhejiang



Conference presentation
Date: July11, 2007Topic: Application of NVH control technology in vehicle development process Venue: Liuzhou, Guangxi



Conference presentation
Date: December14, 2006Topic: Vehicle NVH control technology seminar Venue: Tianjin, China



Conference presentation
Date: June13, 2006Topic: NVH and independent innovation Venue: Ningbo, Zhejiang



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