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About Committee


About Committee

NVH Committee has affiliation to Society of Automotive Engineers of China, which founded in 2012. It grew out of Society of Automotive Engineers of China Environmental Protection Technology Committee NVH Branch, nonprofit social organization. Committee links China Automotive Technology & Research Center. Its vice chairmen and other members are composed of Chinese automotive industry NVH experts and enterprise representatives. NVH committee’s aims are to establish a technical exchange platform for automotive NVH industry technicians, to promote technical communication in the field of automotive NVH at home and aboard, to train science and technology professionals in the field of automotive NVH, to promote scientific and technological advance in the field of automotive NVH and to disseminate the knowledge in the field of automotive NVH. As of 2017, international conference on Automotive NVH control technology was successfully held 14 times. Experts from domestic and foreign automotive NVH industry were invited to share their latest technological achievements, which had an important role in promoting domestic independent brand technology. After ten years of developments, NVH committee has gradually become to an indispensable force to promote the development and progress of automotive NVH technology. The influence of NVH committee is gradually expanding. It is recognized by the NVH employees in the automotive industry.

Organizational Structure

SAE of China-NVH Committee has set up experts committee. Experts committee is responsible for formulating and revising NVH committee work regulations, considering NVH committee work report, determining NVH committee work plan and supervising daily work of the Secretariat. Each session of experts committee is four-years terms. Experts committee has set up a chairman and several vice chairmen. Experts committee has set up a secretary general and number of deputy secretaries general. The Secretariat is the permanent office of NVH committee.

Member list of the second session experts committee:



Zhang  Jianwei

China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Vice chairmen

Chen  Gan

Dongfeng Automobile Technology Center

Gu  Pengyun

Geely Automotive Research Institute ( Ningbo ) Co., Ltd.

Lu  Bingwu

China Faw Group Corporation R&D Center

Lv  Juncheng

Shanghai General Motors Wuling

Ma  Fangwu

Jilin University

Pang  Jian

Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.

Wang  Dengfeng

Jilin University

Wu  Lie

BAIC Automobile Co., Ltd.

Xu  Yanghui

Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd.

Yin  Jinxiang

Anhui JAC Technology Center

Zheng  Sifa

Tsinghua University



Cao Cheng

SAIC Volkswagen

Ding  Weiping

Southwest Jiaotong University

Gao  Jidong

China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Hao  Zhiyong

Zhejiang University

He  Yinzhi

Tongji University

Hu  Xuanli

Adient Engineering and IP GmbH, Department SMTE

Huang  Yuanyi

Shanghai General Motors Wuling

Kang  Runcheng

National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Xiangyang)

Li  Hongliang

China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Liu  Hao

Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.

Liu  Xiandong

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Liu  Yingjie

China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center

Lu  Zhihua

Wuhan University of Technology

Mei  Xingtai

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

Shangguan  Wenbin

South China University of Technology

Wang  Hongjian

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Wang  Zhiliang

BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd.

Xie  Dongming

China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Xie  Kai

Geely Automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Zhao  Dengfeng

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.


Secretariat members:

Secretary General:

Li  Hongliang

Deputy Secretary General:

Gu  Cansong, Hao  Jianhong


Wu Deyuan